Block Lottery

At the monthly meetings members who want to participate can bring a lottery block, or blocks, that follows the color and pattern guidelines. At the meeting, you get a ticket for each lottery block you bring and are entered into the lottery. Whoever wins takes home all the blocks to make their own quilt! Below you will find descriptions of the lottery block theme for each month and photographs of samples and color palettes that are meant to guide your decision making and give the blocks continuity as a whole.


September 2018

Block Lottery for September is our Halloween colored kitty cats! đŸ± We are making Elizabeth Hartman’s Basic Cat Block ‘Square Block Variation’ so the cat faces are framed in a border. White Kona (or similar) background, 1 orange, gray, or black focal fabric for the faces. They’re super fast to make!

May/June 2018

For our May – June Block Lottery we will be doing patriotic Wonky Stars! That’s right, any shade of Reds & Blues (I’d consider aqua a blue) with Kona white or similar background. Your stars can be as scrappy as you want or all one fabric. So, get your creative, improv juices flowing with a few of these tutorials.

This tutorial is for the SIZE of wonky star we are making – 4.5″ background squares (in Kona white or similar). Your star will finish at 12.5″ to enter for our lottery.

This tutorial gives a demonstration of a more scrappy look.

This tutorial is also for the correct size you need to make, perhaps a different technique.

Grab some scraps or dive into your favorite Red & Blue stash and get as wonky as your heart desires!


April 2018

Our April Block lottery is a cute little summer strawberry! It’s a perfect stash busting block–I used only scraps from my bin!

We are using the Skyberries Handmade instructions exactly AND adding a 2.5″ border around the strawberry. This block has 2″ pieces so let’s border our blocks in case any of them aren’t perfect–then the lottery winner can square them up to a uniform size if need be.
Please make red or pink strawberries with green stems & Kona white or Bella white (sold @ Christmas Goose) for the background.
The strawberry will come out 7.5″ W x 10.5″ H.
Then, cut 2 – 2.5″ x 10.5″ white strips & 2 – 2.5″ x 7.5″ white strips.
Sew the 10.5″ long strips on the sides making the strawberry 10.5″ H x 11.5″ W.
Then, sew the top & bottom strips on last, making the strawberry 14.5″ H x 11.5″ W.
Here is the link for the cutest strawberry block tutorial this side of the Mississippi:
Bring them to our May guild meeting to swap! Happy Sewing

January 2018

Our January Block Lottery Block is the Double Plus Block by WOMBAT Quilts.  Chelsa will be providing more details soon.

White background and think St. Patricks Day Rainbow for your pluses!

September 2017

It’s officially pumpkin season! At the October meeting we will be making pumpkin blocks from the Stripy Pumpkin Quilt block tutorial from Craftsy. Finished size is 8″. Here are the guidelines:
  • Use the free tutorial from the Craftsy Blog.
  • For the background fabric, use a low volume that reads white.
  • The pumpkin body, we are using black and orange and there are a few options for piecing/color combos. The tutorial is for a striped pumpkin but feel free to substitute the pieced body for a whole piece of fabric:
    • black and orange strips
    • all orange scrappy strips
    • all black scrappy strips
    • solid black (one piece)
    • solid orange (one piece)
  • Stems are brown and leaves are green


August 2017

In honor of National Sewing Month in September, we will be making Spool Blocks for the block lottery in September! The Crafty Mummy has a great tutorial to help us make a 12.5″ unfinished simple spool block. Here are our guidelines:

  • Use The Crafty Mummy’s tutorial.
  • White background fabric
  • Use a feature fabric for spool body, no color restrictions, dig through that scrap bin and find some fun fabric!
  • For the top and bottom of the spool, pick a fabric that coordinates with your feature fabric, print or solid! Blenders would be perfect for this.



June 2017

Summer is in full swing here in Las Vegas and we have had record high temps! Many of us would rather be up in the mountains by a cool lake. That is exactly where I got my inspiration for our next lotto block. My little family was able to spend a weekend in the mountains and we visited the local reservoir. It was such a beautiful deep blue and as my kids played on the shore, we could see flashes of bright color from the fish swimming up. When I got home I looked for a fish block and I found a fun one done by another MQG chapter for their lottery. SO, I present to you, Goldfish Crackers by the Emerald Coast MQG. This is fun and fast block and I hope you enjoy making it!

  • Background: Navy, deep blue, not all of us will have the same exact shade and that’s ok! When you look at a lake, you see many variances in the blue. Solids or navy on navy print are fine. I used Bella solids Navy for the sample block.
  • Fish: Anything bright and that contrasts well with the navy. Dig through that scrap bin and find those brightly colored gems that have been hiding, think about a rainbow of fish! The actual fish requires just four pieces of fabric and they are all small cuts, perfect for scraps. Please use one fabric per fish. Prints or solids.
  • Tips for piecing: When you sew on the large triangles to make the “water” around the fish, fold the triangle in half and finger press a crease in the center on the long side. Now that you have the center of the triangle, match up that crease with the center seam of the fish block. Pin the center first and then the rest. This will insure your triangle is centered correctly.
  • Tips for piecing: We need those triangles centered because they are sized larger than the fish block and once you get all four sewn on, the completed block is larger than 12.5″. This is ok! The pattern writer made it so you will have plenty to work with for squaring and trimming your blocks down to 12.5″ unfinished.


May 2017

With Memorial Day and the 4th of July coming up, it’s the perfect time to do a flag block for our lotto! We will be using the tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew:

  • Colors are red, white and blue prints with a low volume white.
  • This is a great block for using up scraps!
  • We are working with lots of strips and sometimes that can be tricky. Here is a website with some great tips on strip piecing:
  • One more tip for cutting your strips: cut your strips by the length of the fabric and not width of fabric. This will help prevent your block from becoming wavy after you piece the strips together.


April 2017

We are making a tulip block. You can find the pattern here but we are changing the pattern slightly.

  • tulip heads: one color/print (like the example) or same color but two different shades (dark purple, bright pink, yellow and orange/coral)
  • background: white on white
  • steam/leaves: bright green




March 2017

We are making a shamrock block. You can find the pattern here but we are changing the pattern slightly.

  • shamrock: bright greens (patterned or solid)
  • background: white (solid)
  • the pattern calls for a white border around the shamrock- please leave this off
  • pattern error: the green rectangle for the stem should be 1.5″ x 9″ rather than 1.5″ x 8″
  • 12.5″ unfinished block (the pattern lists 16″ finished but we are removing the white border)


February 2017

We are making a heart block. You can find the pattern here.

  • heart: pink, red, or purple (solid or tone on tone)
  • background: white (low volume, no solids)
  • 9″ finished block





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