The Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild collaborates to make quilts for various charities. We focus on making quilts for people in the Las Vegas community. Members participate by bringing a completed block, or blocks, to the monthly meeting. After there are enough blocks for a quilt, members volunteer their time to sew the top together, quilt, and/ or bind the quilt. We accept charity blocks throughout the year and do not adhere to strict deadlines.  We also accept quilts members have made on their own, gently used quilts, blankets and pillowcases (stuffed 1/2 full with fabric scraps).  We regularly donate to Child Haven, Summerlin Hospital and the animal shelter.

See photos of the quilts we have finished and donated in 2017 here!

Quilt Con Charity Quilt 2018!

At the September meeting members picked up pre-cut blocks to make different sized blocks for our Quilt Con Charity Quilt.

Directions for the Block:

The Blocks are pretty simple; 4 patch into a 4 patch (into another 4 patch, if you are making the smaller sized block).

Start by laying out the block to make sure all your pieces line up in a diagonal pattern.  Sew together your smaller squares; one white and one colored square; pressing toward the color square.  The alternate pressing direction will allow your seams to nest nicely and your corners to line up. Then piece together your 4 patch blocks; making sure the seams nest; using the smaller white and color rectangle you just created.  Add your 4 patches to the solid white squares; pressing toward the white square so seams will nest.  Stitch the two rectangles together and your block is finished!

Charity Block Guidelines

The Las Vegas MQG accepts charity blocks continuously. Below you will find the guidelines for specific charity block styles that we are currently collecting. We gather blocks until we have enough to make a full quilt, or quilts. We introduce new blocks approximately every 2-3 months.

Wonky Cross Blocks


We are going to collect wonky cross blocks in the September and October meetings.  Our inspiration comes from this tutorial on Jeni Baker’s blog.  PLEASE NOTE: We are changing the measurements for our block.  Our colors inspiration is blues and aquas.  The wonky cross can be in either color, just make sure it stands out.  Please use 100% quilting cotton.


  • For the main block, start with an 8.5 inch square.
  • For the wonky cross sections, cut two 2 inch x 10 inch strips.
  • Follow Jeni’s tutorial for sewing together the wonky cross blocks.
  • Once finished, square the block to 8.5 inches square.
  • Turned in blocks should measure 8.5 inches square.
  • Additionally, you may turn in 8.5 inch squares without the cross for background blocks.  We need lots of background!

Veteran’s Square Blocks


For the months of June and July we will be collecting blocks to make quilts for local Veterans.  We will be using this stack and whack tutorial from Alison at Cluck Cluck Sew.  PLEASE NOTE:  Our blocks will be the larger size she mentions at the end of the tutorial.  Start with a 9.5 inch square.  Blocks will measure 8.5 inches when you’re done.

  • Fabrics should fit into our red, white and blue theme
  • Start with 9.5 inch squares as mentioned at the end of the tutorial.
  • Turned in blocks should measure 8.5 inches.
  • Individual blocks – do not sew together


Bowtie Blocks

The tutorial for the Bowtie blocks can be found here.

  • Bowtie should be made of blue or orange (solid or print)
  • Background should be grey (solid or print) not white as shown in the sample.
  • 9.5″ unfinished blocks
  • Individual blocks – do not sew together 🙂
  • Final layout of quilt will depend on how many blocks we collect!

Here is some color inspiration for your blocks!


Xs and Os Blocks


X and O block examples made by Melanie.


The tutorial for the Xs and Os blocks can be found here.

  • X and O: pink or aqua (solid or print, but each block should be either pink OR aqua)
  • background: gray (solid or print)
  • 9.5″ unfinished block
  • scrappy blocks are great!

#Hashtag Block


Hashtag block examples made by Sherri and Sue.

The tutorial for the #Hashtag Block can be found here.

  • hashtag: bright rainbow color (solid or print)
  • background: white (solid or low volume)
  • 12″ finished block

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