Challenges and Swaps

Challenges (Scroll Down for Swaps!)

Galentines PJ Party!

Join us for the Galentines Sew In at The Christmas Goose on February 3rd and make your own PJ Pants!  More information can be found on our events page!

Past Challenges:

Name Badge Challenge

Our guild has grown so much this year, it’s amazing but sometimes we have a hard time putting faces with names. I know I do! To help with this we are doing a name badge challenge. Everyone who wears a DIY name badge, made in the last six months, to the November meeting will be entered into a drawing for an enamel pin! Just a little bling for your new name badge! We will have several pins to give away too.

Here are the rules:

  • Make a name badge in any style/fashion you would like
  • Your name needs to be easy for others to read
  • The name badge needs to be made in the last six months to qualify for the drawing

Looking for inspiration? Check out these site for pretty pictures and some tutorials/patterns:

Let your imagination take over and have fun!

Pink Flamingo Challenge

The first challenge of 2017 is themed around the Kona Color of the Year, Pink Flamingo. For this challenge you will make a mini quilt (no bigger than 24″x 24″) or a 3D object (something other than a mini quilt, such as a pouch, bag, pin cushion, etc.). Bring your entry to the September 27 meeting!

There will be three prizes:

  • best use of the color in a mini quilt
  • best use of the color in a 3D object
  • all entries will be entered into a drawing for the third prize



Summer 2018

To us, we like to decorate with Red, White & Blue all summer long! It starts with Memorial Day & ends with Labor Day 9/11 – Patriot Day. Summer is all about picnics, fireworks, & our wonderful U.S. of A.! So, if you like to celebrate as much as we do, bring a patriotic banner to swap in June!

You can make your pennants any shape you like, any fabric that has red, white, & blue, and you can make it as long or short as you like!

Here are some “how to” & inspirational tutorials:

How to make pennants with your cutting ruler:

How to make double sided pennants with your 60* ruler:

Multiple patriotic banner ideas:

Or go to Pinterest at type in: Patriotic Banner to get an overload of cute inspriation!

one more cute quilty patriotic banner:
Denim Pennant w/YoYos

January 2018

For the month of January we will be swapping @kelbysews Boxy Bags!  You can find the full tutorial on the kelbysews blog.

Don’t forget to post your Boxy Bag and tag @lvmqg and @kelbysews so we can admire you wonderful projects before we swap at the February Meeting!

Past Swaps:

December 2017 Fabric Swap

For our December meeting we will be having a fabric swap! What you do is buy a 2 yard piece of fabric and cut it into 8 fat quarters. Bring them to the meeting and we will swap them there!

There are two categories- Solids and Low Volume.

For the Low Volume category we are looking for Whisper Voice fabric that reads white. Jen at Heritage Threads explains what Whisper Low Volume fabrics are.

For the Solids category we are looking for fabric that is one solid color. This is a great opportunity to build your solids stash, so pick colors that are unusual, let’s not all bring red or blue. 😉

These are two separate swaps and you can participate in one or both. All fabrics must be quilt shop quality, and quilting cottons. Sorry, no linens or home dec fabrics.

Raspberry Kiss Block Swap

Raspberry Kiss Block 2

At our August 2017 meeting we be doing a Block Swap! The pattern is Raspberry Kiss but we will be using the 12.5″ size found on Heritage Threads’ site. Jen (a.k.a Heritage Threads) gives us the cut list for making this block 12.5″ and she also gives the link to the original tutorial by Wooden Spoon Quilts for the block assembly instructions. Here are the rules for our swap:

  • Please use the cut list for the 12.5″ unfinished block and tutorial found on Heritage Threads’ site.
  • Fabric: For the background look for two different low volumes that read white. One to make the X with and the other one for the corners. For the X fabric, pick a print that will pop against your low volume backgrounds. We really want those Xs to standout. You are welcome to make all your blocks with the same fabric or do different ones. Just remember the benefit of doing a block swap is that you only need to buy one set of fabric to make your blocks and then after the swap you will have all different blocks. So while it might sound tedious or boring making all your blocks look exactly the same, it’s worth it after the swap when you get to take home a different block from everyone!
  • How many should you make? Well, that all depends on you and how big you want your finished quilt! However many you bring is how many you will take home. 20 blocks, in a 4 by 5 layout, would give you 48″x60″, add a border or two and that’s a good size cuddle up with on the couch!
  • Please label EACH block with your name (and Instagram name if desired).

What will happen at the meeting: Blocks will be collected before the meeting starts and checked to make sure each block is labeled. A post-it will then be placed on the top block with your name and how many you brought. During the meeting, Sara (Swaps and Challenges Chairperson) will swap around all the blocks in the kitchen and pass them out after show-and-tell.

If you need some inspiration check out the #rkblockswap on Instagram!

Las Vegas + Salt Lake MQG Mini Swap #VegasmeetsSaltLakeminiswap

We finally got the ball rolling with the SLMQG for a mini swap! What a great way to make new friends and meet other modern quilters. Each LVMQG participant with make a mini for a SLMQG participant and vice versa.

We, the LVMQG participants, will be turning in minis at the October 2017 meeting, where the board members will ship everything in one package up to SLC in time for their November meeting when they will be passed out.

Want to participate? Here are the details:

Mini Swap Timeline and Important Dates:

Deadline to sign up – July 27th
Deadline to post mosaic on Instagram – August 4th
Deadline to finish mini – October 25th (bring to October meeting)
You will be receive your mini at the November meeting.

How to Sing Up:

We will pass around a sign up sheet at the meeting and there will be a post on our private Facebook group, but SLC is a smaller guild than us so if we have more sign ups than them, we will do a lottery to fill the spots. You will be notified via email or text if you have been selected to participate on Friday July 28th.

Mini Quilt Swap Guidelines:

  • This will be a secret swap, so Sally Seamstress from SLMQG will make a quilt for Nancy Notions from LVMQG who will in turn make a quilt for Teresa Thimble from SLMQG, and so on.
  • This swap will be open to LVMQG members of all skill levels – as long as you can make a mini quilt, you can join!
  • RAINBOW is the theme.
  • Read this post on swap etiquette for some guidelines.
  • When you sign up, we’ll ask you for your Instagram username so that the person making you a package can find out what you like.
  • Post an Instagram mosaic to show off some of your favorite quilt styles with a rainbow theme.
  • Please keep the deadline (the October meeting) in mind when you sign up. We are giving plenty of time, so you have no excuse to be late!
  • The size is up to you, but the max on any given side should be no larger than 20”.
  • Swap extras are not required, but are not banned either. It is entirely up to you.
  • Please package your mini (and any extras, if including) with your name and the name of the recipient clearly marked.
  • Please post pictures on Instagram when you receive your quilt swap package.

Notebook Cover Swap

Our next guild swap will be a graph paper notebook and cover, to be exchanged at the May 2017 meeting.

Bloom and Blossom has a tutorial to help you create a cover for any sized notebook. You can find it here.  This is the tutorial I used and I found it well written with lots of pictures and video at the end to help with the last step.

We are also challenging you to incorporate our guild logo. A fabric swatch with the logo printed on it will be provided at the April meeting. Get creative and have fun! This is a great opportunity to try out a new skill because the project is on the small side. I tried my hand at foundational paper piecing and had fun making something small.

You will be swapping both the cover and the graph paper notebook. I found them at Office Depot, here is an example.


  • The notebook must contain graph paper
  • The cover needs to fit the graph paper notebook you purchased
  • The LVMQG logo should be incorporated somewhere on the cover


“Out of the Box” Mug Rug Swap

At the March meeting we will be swapping mug rugs BUT they cannot be a square or rectangle! Think outside the box! The mug rug should be big enough to fit a mug and a little snack next to it, so approximately 8″ x 8″. Check out this tutorial for an example of an “out of the box” mug rug.


“out of the box” mug rug made by Sara.

Sin City Quilting Bee


  1. Each month one member will be the Queen Bee!
  2. The Queen will come up with/design a block or pattern that is free.
  3. She will test her block and bring an example to the meeting on her assigned month.
  4. The Queen writes up instructions on how she’d like her block made. A Queen may use an online tutorial as long as the link is included.
  5. She creates packets with her own fabric for members to create from.
  6. Any unique tools will need to be provided to the hive members.
  7. The block may be up to 16” and may consist of 4 sections.
  8. Blocks must be returned the next month unless arrangements are made on the month the Queen is passing out block packets. If you can’t make it to guild, give it to a friend to bring to guild so that the Queen won’t be left waiting.
  9. If you have a question about the pattern or instructions, post in the LVMQG Facebook group and tag the Queen Bee with your inquiry.
  10. Post your progress pics or finished block on Instagram and use our #SinCityBee hashtag.


  • February – Chelsa Barton
  • March – Lauren English
  • April – Sue Greene
  • May – Kristin Reisner
  • June – Sara Carey
  • July – Katie Tolentino
  • August – Sherri Still
  • September – Kristen Welsh
  • October – G Elizondo
  • November – Michelle Hernandez
  • December – Kirsty Michaelis
  • Jan. 2018 – Christina Meeks

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